Meringue Cookies

Some people love eating cookies yet avoid eating them because according to them cookies cannot be healthy and they for sure are not wrong but the thing is that traditional cookies are not that healthy whereas meringue cookies are. Meringue cookies are highly low in calories and each and every cookie offers about one gram of protein which means that now you can eat cookies and let your kids eat them as well. Let’s see how meringue cookies are made and what all you can do with meringue cookies. 



  • Three large-sized eggs’ whites 
  • One big spoon of vanilla extract 
  • one-fourth of a big spoon of cream of tartar 
  • Salt 
  • Sugar (two-thirds of a cup)  


  • Take a small sized bowl and add egg whites to it, keep it aside for about thirty minutes. 
  • Now, preheat your oven to about two hundred and fifty degrees. 
  • Add cream, salt and vanilla to the bowl, take a spoon and use it to mix all the ingredients. Now add one big spoon of sugar to the bowl and mix once done mixing add more sugar, keep mixing. once you get glossy peaks stop mixing. 
  • Take a pastry bag and cut a hole on its tip. Transfer meringue to this bag, take paper-lined sheets, fill them and then make cookies with their help. 
  • Now it’s time for baking, bake for at least thirty to forty minutes, once done baking keep them in your oven for about sixty to sixty minutes. You are not supposed to open the door of your oven. 
  • After an hour take the cookies out and store them in any of your airtight containers (keep the container at room temperature). That’s all with the recipe, one cookie equals to ten calories. 

You can even make meringue floats, for floats you would require 

  • vanilla ice cream  
  • miniature  cookies 
  • cold  lemonade (pink) 

You require three cookies per glass and half cup of vanilla ice cream, take a class and add three cookies and ice cream to it, on the top pour lemonade.



  • One peeled  banana (must be frozen, after peeling slice it for better blending) 
  • Two cups full of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries (frozen)  
  • One cup full of milk 
  • A half cup of  vanilla yogurt (if you do not like vanilla you can opt for a plain yogurt) 
  • A half cup of orange juice (make sure that it is fresh) 
  • Two to three big spoons of honey 

Directions – 

  1. Take your blender out and put all the required ingredients in it, start blending, once you get a smooth texture turn the blender off and pour your smoothie into a glass. 
  2. You can use yogurt, rice or soya milk instead of dairy. 
  3. That’s all with the recipes, do let us know which one of these is your favorite, shower us with some love by commenting below in the comment section and if there is something that you feel is missing the recipes do let us know, your suggestions are valuable. 



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