Marble Cheesecake Recipe



  1. According to the directions given behind the box make your cake, you would require a nine by thirteen-inch cake pan. 
  2. Once done with the baking keep the cake aside and let it cool down, transfer it to the rack.
  3. Time for some cleaning, clean your cake pan once done cleaning use plastic wrap to line it.
  4. According to the length of the cake cut it into a half, now make a rectangle out of it.
  5. Now you are required to cut layers out of the rectangles for it you can use a serrated knife.
  6. Arrange the pieces in your cake pan (half of the pieces).
  7. You are required to crumble the other half of the pieces, once done crumbling press them into six balls (not very big and not even very small, keep the size as a medium).
  8. Place one ball in the center of the rectangle, repeat.
  9. For making the mousse you are required to eat some chocolate, so take a bowl which is heatproofandadd chocolate, coffee, water, and butter to it, place the bowl on the pan and start stirring. 
  10. Now remove the heatproof bowl from your pan. Take a large-sized bowl and fill it with icy-water.
  11. Take a bowl and add yolks to it, mix them well.
  12. Add water and sugar to the yolks, mix again.
  13. Take a saucepan, add water to it, reduce the level of heat, place the bowl on it, keep whisking. 
  14. After six to seven minutes transfer the chocolate mix to the bowl, whisk for at least two minutes and then remove the heatproof bowl.
  15. Place the bowl in the bowl which is full of icy-water, whisk for about four minutes.
  16. Take a bowl and add salt and egg whites to it, beat both of them properly (use a hand blender for this) once you get a foamy texture add sugar and beat again, once done with the mixing fold the mixture into the chocolate and yolk mixture.
  17. You are required to place about five cups over your cake balls and cake. Once done with the placing, freeze it (this might take thirty to forty minutes)
  18. Take a bowl add sugar and cream to it, once done with the adding, mix them well. Add the mixture to the mousse. 
  19. Take the cake out of the freezer and spread a very thin layer of mousse, once done with it, cover the cake using plastic.
  20.  Freeze the cake for about six hours. 
  21. Take a heatproof bowl and add cream, corn syrup and chocolate to it, stir well. Start spreading the shell mix over the mousse (the frozen one) and once done with the layering place it back in the freezer.
  22. Take a small sized bowl and add butter, shell mixture and corn syrup to it, mix well and then place it in the microwave for about thirty seconds.
  23. When you are ready to serve the cake take it out of your freezer and place it on the counter, take a bowl add sugar and cream to the bowl, with the help of the hand blender blend both of them.
  24. When you cut the cake, pour the mixture you made in step 23.


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