How To Cook Chicken

Chicken is a major feature of just about every cuisine on the planet, whether roasted, grilled, stewed, fried or cooked in any other way. We eat more of it and in more different ways than any other meat. Our cooking methods are legion.

There are literally thousands of recipes devoted to preparing and cooking the humble chook, including the selection on this website. My idea has always been to make these recipes as widely available as possible.

Consequently, you will find a growing number of articles appearing on this site. Some will be recipes and others will be comments and advice on this particular aspect of our everyday kitchen lives. Each will have been carefully selected from tried and trusted recipes that I use personally.

We’re going to look at every aspect of cooking chicken, from choosing your bird right through to essential hygiene during handling. If it’s important, and maybe even if it isn’t, it will appear somewhere in these pages.

You will find terrific cooks’ recipes that are Australian, Italian, French, Chinese, Cajun, from the barbecue, out of the oven and much more besides. Each has been selected for ease of preparation, quality, and flavor. If you know how to turn on the stove or open the oven door, you can cook and serve them with confidence.

You’ll find articles on anything and everything to do with the world’s favorite meat. Please enjoy browsing through the rest of this site, and come back often. You can easily add this page to your favorites by clicking on the link provided.

Team China: Wang Liqin

Wang – who, like Yao Ming and Liu Xiang hails from Shanghai – was unkindly dubbed “chicken heart” after an unexpected loss in the World Team Championships earlier in the year.

Thieves steal up to 500 chickens

Between 300 and 500 chickens belonging to rare breeds are stolen from a farm in Northamptonshire.

Store tags to halt bird thieves

A supermarket puts electronic security tags on its frozen chickens to stop them being stolen.

TV chef loses Tesco chicken vote

Tesco investors vote against plans to lift welfare standards for chickens backed by TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

Chickens ‘unlock allergy secrets’

Scientists turn to chickens to help them understand why some people are struck down by severe allergies.