Fifteen-Minute Cleanup

Before we start with the fifteen-minute cleanup, we want you to know that you can’t keep your house in a tip-top condition by the fifteen-minute cleanup as it just involves brief cleaning. You can definitely make your place look a little cleaner when you are in a hurry with the fifteen-minute cleanup later when you get free you can opt for intense cleaning. 

  • Lets first divide the house into six cleaning areas, number one is the living area, number two is the kitchen, number three the bathroom, number four is the kid’s room, number five is the bedroom and number six is the dorm. 
  • Now let’s divide the work into categories. There are things that belong in the living room and not in your kid’s room and there is trash, the work gets divided into the trash, things that belong to that particular room and things that do not belong. 
  • Start with the living room, collect the trash and then throw it. one area at a time, once done with the trash start looking out for things that do not belong to your living room and then simply take them out of the living room, now pick up the cushions from the floor and put them at their right spot. once done with the living room move to the next area. 
  • Start with collecting the trash and then throwing it, simply repeat the steps, work according to the categories and you will be free within fifteen minutes. 
  • In between of intense cleaning if you are going to use the fifteen-minute cleanup your place would look up to the mark, that too all the time. 


  • You should make a to-do chart for cleaning, mark the days and what you wish to do, to-do charts actually motivate us to do things, make a schedule and if you are thinking that you will be able to adjust to it within a day then let me inform you beforehand that you won’t, it usually takes a while to adjust to the schedule, place the chart somewhere where you can easily look at it. You would have heard about out of sight equals out of mind similar is the concept with the ‘to-do’ list, so it would be better if you place it somewhere on your refrigerator. 
  • You can always divide the work, if you have a roommate assign some areas of cleaning to him or her and some to yourself, it would not only reduce the time but would also help you clean in a better way. Imagine the efforts that you were going to put in Two areas now you can put in one and similar would be the case with the person to whom you assigned the remaining areas of cleaning. Working in a team while cleaning the house is always better than working alone, it is time and energy saving, requires fewer efforts and results in amazingly cleaned house. 




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