Dining Room Decoration Ideas 


  1. Take a drum shade which is totally plain and dress it up with the help of ribbon. You can use a gray-blue colored ribbon it would complement the color of the wall. If you wish to create contrast then you should opt for some pop color.
  2. You can add character, interest and a beautiful pattern to the walls simply with striped wall paint, strips would make sure that your dining room no more looks boring.
  3. Lighting plays an important role, if you are changing the lighting then opt for industrial lighting and you can easily balance the look with natural and simple furnishing (for instance industrial lighting plus wicker chairs and wood tables, the distressed ones).
  4. If you haven’t already added slipcovers then hurry up and add them to the room they would change the look in split seconds it would give a more of a sophisticated look and you can even add your own monogram to the covers.
  5. Some people prefer collecting things, some collect stamps some collect plates if you are into collecting something then bring your collection to use and display it in your dining room, your collection would add a nice character to your dining room, you can even paint your hallway which straightforwardly leads to your dining room so that it compliments your collection.
  6. People often forget about the 5th wall which is obviously the ceiling, you can always add detailing to the ceiling, you can paint some pattern or add some chandelier to it, you can add rustic beams too, it all depends on you. Go for some pattern and some detailing, let your ceiling have all the limelight. 
  7. Have a huge dining room? if yes then what is stopping you from doing some experiments? add a nook to your dining room with some more seating arrangements, mix-match a little you can even add a wingback chair. 
  8. You can make an amazing statement by just add some bold color like neon green, some lamps (buffet) and draperies pattern. Go bright and bold to make an outstanding statement.
  9. If you are not into paints then you can opt for wallpapers, the market has a wide variety of wallpapers, you just need not get confused and get a wallpaper which defines you and your dining room, the market has a wide range of graphics wallpapers as well, I personally prefer cool graphics over floral wallpapers. 
  10. Go over the board when it comes to patterns, get a pattern for the ceiling, the chair covers, the wallpaper. Yes, a pattern for everything, it would help you make a statement and a worth a while look, make sure the chairs have a different pattern than the ceiling and the wallpaper. 
  11. You can add a nice rug to your dining room it not only would add elegance but would also add warmth and coziness to your dining room. If you wish to have a luxurious look adda Chinese cabinet. 

Note- focus on the detailing and the lighting 

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